THE STARKVILLE THREE are, Rick McKay (vocals & guitar), John Standen (vocals & double bass), and Todd Knapp (vocals & drums). The trio are all members of “Rick McKay & Starkville”, the band of who also perform in the theatre production, Johnny Cash Revisited.
Rick, John and Todd all share a very similar, yet varied, taste for “roots” music, including Rockabilly, Honky-Tonk, Classic Country, 50’s & 60’s Rock ‘n’ Roll and Blues. Rick was looking for an outlet for some of his own songs and all three wanted to do something that would allow them to be a little more self-indulgent musically. What started of as Rick’s pet project, very quickly became a very interesting and fun collaboration.
Rick ‘s self-penned songs have been described as, “Too rock ‘n’ roll for the country scene, and too country for the rockin’ scene”, which led the trio to their ultimate decision to stop trying to please everyone and form a band that completely ignores the “pigeonhole’ mentality, choosing instead to play whatever they want to, and let their audience find them.

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