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We booked to see the show &, had the best 2hrs plus ever. Everyone including the band was superb and we would definitely go to see them again. Well done to you all you were fantastic and realistic. hope you come to Brookside or Queens again soon.
We travelled over from Lincoln to see your show in Gainsboorough tonight. Enjoyed it immensely - come to Lincoln sometime.
JOHNNY CASH REVISITED....So Karen beat me to it !!! I first booked Rick about seventeen or eighteen years ago just after he returned from performing in the states. I rated him then and over the years that has not changed. The Johnny Cash revisited show he has put together is absolutely ace. The attention to detail throughout, and the amount of numbers crammed into this two hour show is exceptional. This is a must see show for any Johnny Cash fan and having said that, every country music fan would thoroughly enjoy the evening Cash fan or not ! Starkville City provide the backing and more, a couple of numbers from them got the audience foot tapping, great to see double base in the lineup. Last but not least ...the lovely little one... Rick's real life wife, Jodie who guested last night at the Beehive as June Carter/Cash with some lovely vocals to compliment Rick. Sunday night, not always the best of nights for events like this, so playing to a full auditorium that buzzed all evening, with some participation and lots of applause from everyone after every number kind of says it all. A wonderful night out and a real must see show. Thank you, Rick, Jodie and Starkville City for a stonkingly brilliant night
We enjoyed ourselves so much that we've bought tickets to see the show at the Kenneth More Theatre in Ilford on 28 June. Referring to our last comment on 25 April, hopefully Gerry won't burst his belt this time!
we went last night to see the show and really did enjoy it, thankyou so much for putting on such a great gig excellent evening.
Loved the show at Braintree tonight guys! Would have stopped for a word after the show but Gerry broke his trouser belt in the interval and had to leave quickly after the show with hands in both pockets to stop his trousers falling down... A major incident averted luckily!
Thanks for a great show in Trowbridge last night. The music and the performance were superb. I only wish that more of Trowbridge could have been there - they don't realise what they wished. Bon chance for the rest of the programme and hope to see you back in these parts for some classic Cash.
A great tribute to the fantastic music of The Man in Black. SPH Manchester
Tracks sound good, hoping to be with you when you come to Manchester especially if Fluke is with you
Keep it up...will keep watching for a local venue visit.
terrific compliment to the late great J.C.
Johnny & June were two loving & caring people together.Rick & Jodie ( our own Johnny & June ) have this same feelings .They put on a real great show every time their on stage.May it go from strength to strength.We love you.Janet & Gordon
just came back from the marvellous festival show would just like to say a big thank you what a excellent show you put on best show of the night
We very much enjoyed your 2 hour show in Sutton on 28.2.2014. If you come to this area again we would love to see you all again. All the best for the rest of the tour and recommended to all !
Hope the series goes well buddy, will try come see you in Sutton. Regards Steve & Laura Smiley
We wish you hardworking guys good luck with this show and maybe one day we will see you on the London Stage and we can say those guys have worked at our club. Well done C&Sx
we were there and what a show you both put on, looked and sounded great thankyou.
Saw your show last night can not be faulted after listening to cash since i was in school was quite amazing seeing you sing, look and act like him, Jodie really added to the show great voice and guitar, will be seeing you again
Awesome a real legend
I've heard you do Cash before but you sound more like him than ever! well done ick
Looking good
Excellent website