Gary Mears

Gary Mears began his musical journey aged 7 years old and by the age of 14 he had taken his piano grades and was having drum lessons, which led him joining a local semi-pro rock band. Before long he was running the school band and was involved with their theatre productions. A couple of years later, while playing keyboards in a band, Gary developed an interest in midi recording and computer based music, a passion of his which still plays a large part in his life today. Gary Mears

By the age of 19, Gary had gained a good reputation for his keyboard skills and was beginning to explore his budding vocal talents, something he’d felt shy about previously. Having been headhunted by a pro cabaret band he began touring around the country with them, until he eventually began to favour solo and duo gigs.

As time went on, Gary’s interests shifted from live work to studio work and he began to spend more time at home. Now, with a young family to look after, Gary made the decision to take a break from playing live music and touring. He instead set up what became a very successful driving school to pay the bills, while using his spare time to educate himself further in audio engineering, music production and arrangement.

To ask Gary who, or what, his main influences are would start a never-ending conversation. His musical tastes are as wide-ranged as they could possibly be, although he would be the first to admit that he wasn’t well versed in Country music. Apart from his Mum’s love for Kenny Rogers, and having listened to a lot of Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis in his early years, Gary had little knowledge of the genre, until he returned to live performance for a while in 2014, playing keyboards in “Johnny Cash Revisited”.

Today, Gary is working closely with Jodie and Rick McKay to co-produce an updated version of the show, which is set to tour in 2018 and beyond.