Johnny Cash Revisited JOHNNY CASH REVISITED is our flagship production. A two hour rollercoaster of classic Rock 'n' Roll, Country and Rockabilly music featuring Rick McKay as Johnny Cash, Jodie McKay as June Carter and their fabulous band Starkville. 
Alongside the biggest hits of Johnny Cash, you'll hear songs by such legends as Carl Perkins, Kris Kristofferson, Bob Dylan and more... 
RICK McKAY as JOHNNY CASH - A solo tribute to a man who has been a life-long inspiration to Rick. Covering the hits from the very beginning to the end of Cash's career. Rick performs with a mixture of acoustic songs and an incredible big sound using high quality backing tracks. Selected show may also include Jodie McKay as June Carter. Rick McKay as Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash Revisited: Christmas Special JOHNNY CASH REVISITED: CHRISTMAS SPECIAL
Two hours of classic rock 'n' roll and country music with a whole bunch of festive fun thrown in for good measure. Johnny Cash loved the festive season and his Christmas TV specials are now legendary. We couldn't resist joining in with the fun.
More of a live music party than a "show", there's no better way to begin celebrating Christmas!
THE SUN of JOHNNY CASH is a speciality act featuring Johnny Cash's earliest hits and other songs from the beginning of his career at Sun records, recording with Luther Perkins and Marshall Grant, "The Tennessee Two".
No drums! Just three instruments, three voices and great songs is all it takes to bring back the magic of the birth of Memphis rock 'n' roll.
The Sun of Johnny Cash